I have been a client of Green Clean Red Deer for a few months now, and I never get tired of coming home from my busiest day to a clean house. Their residential employees always go over and above what is asked, and I am pleasantly surprised time and again at the little things they do. One day my daughter decided to draw a collage of stick people all over my walls, chair and couch in our bonus room. Without having to ask, I came home to find the mess cleaned up. With three kids, my laundry room is always in a state of disarray. Just when I was feeling the itch to organize all of the detergents, softener and clothes, Green Clean had already done the job for me! My beds are always made, dishes that have been missing are found, the kids rooms are not only cleaned but organized, and the house is spotless. And the best thing of all, there is no pressure to “clean up” the house because the cleaning lady is coming!! They take care of all of that for you.

    Tanya Lee, Red Deer, AB

    My family and I wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did at our house during your last visit. My wife and I were both very satisfied with the level of service you provided to us. Our daughter Eavan also commented on her clean bedroom and playroom! The last visit, we had two staff attending and one was in training. Both employees upheld your high standard that we’ve seen in the past and were very thorough and courteous. About a week or so after you came, I went to grab something out of a hall closet upstairs and found it nicely organized, folded and cleaned up! What a surprise that was! Now it is about 3 weeks later and I really miss you guys. So thank again for this experience. From the quick call from Jen to book us in, right to the visit and invoicing. I would highly recommend your company to any home or business owner. P.S Thank you for cleaning our corners too! Sincerely,

    Duane Hay, Red Deer, AB

    Green Clean has always been very accommodating in responding to our work schedule. Tina and her staff often go above and beyond in meeting Hearthstone Property Management’s high standards for rental accommodations. Thanks!

    Lee McDougall
    Maintenance Coordinator
    Hearthstone Property Management

    I have had cleaners for many years – but last year when I hired Green Clean I discovered something amazing that I didn’t even know was missing. When Tina and Brianne send in their team, they don’t just suck up the crumbs and run a scrub brush over the toilet bowl. They clean from top to bottom, are not afraid to use a little elbow grease, and take the initiative to look around for not so common dirt and grime that has built up. I love the fact that they organize as they go and move items to clean underneath instead of just cleaning around them or ignoring my clutter. Their slogan is absolutely true – They Don’t Cut Corners, They Clean Them!

    Melissa Smith, Red Deer, AB
    KMJ Bookkeeping & Consulting Ltd.

    I am pleased to recommend Green Clean Red Deer as a cleaning service for you. Besides the health benefits of cleaning without toxic chemicals, they provide outstanding customer service that definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty. They went out of their way to accommodate our schedule and our specific needs and did a fabulous job of cleaning everything in sight. It is clear that they care about their customers and about doing a good job, not just going through the motions. If you need cleaning services, I believe the team at Green Clean is your best choice for environmentally responsible, non-toxic, effective, effortless results.

    Dr. Norman H. Hoffman

  • CIRS
  • CIRS

    CiRS has prided itself on operating a professionally looking facility that houses 14 nonprofit agencies and community programs. We are pleased to have brought Green Clean Red Deer Ltd on board. Staff, clients and visitors alike comment regularly on how professional and clean the facility looks. The bonus for us is having them share in our Community Village philosophy by having them housed on site. We also love the fact that Green Clean uses environmentally friendly products; together we feel we are doing our small part of supporting the environment!

    Dawn Morey, Chief Executive Officer, CiRS


    This letter is our personal recommendation for Green Clean Red Deer Ltd. We highly recommend Green Clean Red Deer Ltd. for all your commercial office janitorial services. They are a dependable, reliable and an honest company and their future employment with Cooper Roofing is very sta

    Chad Cooper, Cooper Roofing


    Green Clean has been cleaning our office building for the past few years and we are more than happy with the service provided. The friendly staff is very effective and efficient. They do their best to go above and beyond our cleaning needs. With a busy office they really have their work cut out with them, and each morning I am so pleased to see what they have done. Best of all, Green Clean provides all their own environmentally friendly products.

    Red Deer Motors



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