GREEN CLEANING | An impeccable level of clean with full environmental responsibility.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

Thanks to modern technology and environmental awareness, there is no excuse for using products that can be damaging to the environment.

Whether you need regular scheduled cleaning services or a one-time service, we have you covered with our Eco-friendly products! You do not need to sacrifice on quality by using a green cleaning option. Our attention to detail and “nook and cranny” cleaning motto ensures customer satisfaction. If you are not happy then our job is not finished. Let us work with you to customize the cleaning that you require.

Green Clean Red Deer has established partnerships with a variety of vendors that offer the same commitment to environmental awareness. As such, all products used by our cleaners meet strict criteria set by the government of Alberta in order to be called truly environmentally friendly. Our cleaning solutions are embraced by our cleaners and our clients. We are local to Red Deer and surrounding areas, and are proud of our pledge to take all measures possible to reduce waste and use of harmful chemicals.

For green cleaning solutions that go the extra mile, call Green Clean Red Deer at 403-986-8439 to learn more about our environmentally friendly products and techniques.